Monday, June 12, 2017

Should zoo animals that attack keepers be put down. No they shouldn't. They could be a reason that they have attacked them. Like not because they want to kill them but the keeper could have done something off putting. Some of them should but not all of them. Like put it this way. If you attacked a dog should you be put down? No because thats unfair so what's the difference. That probably makes no sense so let's go to another topic. This weekend i might be going do to the lakefront and working for lydia's mum with the ponies they own. It will be fun. Lydia thinks it is shames but i don't think it is.

  1. Daniel will chose a new laptop - future
  2. She steps up onto the stage - present
  3. The player kicked the ball - past
  4. Maria will play hard - future
  5. The ball landed over the fence - past
  6. The crowed cheered loudly - present
  7. The team celebrated their victory - past
  8. The coach is screaming angrily - present

His heart is racing as he runs up to the net. He didn't know why he was nervous because he had done this before.he couldn't wait till after because him and his mates are going to get on the piss.

Melissa thought she had this walk easy, it was only like 1 minute. But she thought wrong. She fell into the water next to her. all she could think was how many people saw her. The hot security guard came over to her and she was feeling way better.

Recently in Oklahoma City, pat rowley, a security guard, deposited 50 cents in a vending machine and reached in to get a candy bar. When the machine catched his hand, he pulled out his pistol and shot the machine twice. The second shot snapped some wires, and he got his hand out.

Mr theodore dunnet, of oxford, england, ran wild in his house in december. He ripped the telephone from the wall, threw a television set and a tape deck onto the street, smashed to bits a couch, kicked a table down the stairs and tore the plumbing out of the bath. He offered this explanation of his behaviour: ‘ i was shocked by the cost of christmas’

A bank teller in italy was dumped by his girlfriend and decided the only thing left to do was kill himself. He had stolen a car with the idea of crashing it, but the car broke down. He stole another one, but it was too slow, and he barely dented it when he crashed the car into a tree. The police arrived and charged the man with auto theft. While being questioned, he stabbed himself in the chest with a knife. Quick action by the police officers saved the man's life. On the way to his cell, he jumped out through a third story window. A snow pile broke his fall.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I don't think they’re dressed sensibly for this climate - they and are = they’re I’m sure it won’t rain today - will and not = won’t I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday - was and not = wasn’t She hasn’t got enough money to buy pie - has and not = hasn’t I haven't been swimming this year - have and not = haven’t I wouldn't swim in that river, it's to dangerous - would and not = wouldn’t Raiha’s braces are grey The teacher always confiscates the students’ phones I went to the beach with my two friends and my brother came too The shop by her house was a good place to buy ice creams The students put their coats over there by the tree I'm not sure whether or not the weather will be ok for biking in the weekend I know i have done no work today